Monthly Tech Bytes – May 2019

Hello everyone, Parzival here! Welcome back to the third episode of Immersive Leaks Monthly Tech Bytes. Monthly tech bytes is all about the best tech goodies we found in this month and we are excited to share this with you guys. So without further adieu, let’s move on to the list.

Best Tech News from Week 1

Dragon attacks a stadium AR

What would it like to be attacked by a dragon breathing fire when you are watching your favourite match in the stadium? Let us help you visualize that, Watch this real-time life-sized Augmented Reality Experience!

Narval, Self-Cleaning Robot Mop and Vacuum

Narval is the world’s first self-cleaning robot mop and vacuum. This fully automatic robot uses Lidar Navigation technology and it can’t be controlled by your smartphone.

Best Tech News from Week 2

Ovis by ForwardX

Meet Ovis by ForwardX, the World’s first Vision-Powered Side-Follow carry-on suitcase that follows you by side autonomously, enabling a true hands-free & worry-free travel. Ovis is TSA approved and all airlines friendly.

Automated Robot Weeder

EcoRobotix developed a fully autonomous solar-powered robot that detects and removes weeds. The Automated Robot Weeder applies a precise microdose of herbicides without harming other crops.

Google Assistant 2.0

We don’t want to spoil the fun for you guys, check out the next generation of Google Assistant by yourself! Hint: It’s way smarter and faster than before.

Best Tech News from Week 3

Apollo 11 lunar landing in MR, HoloLens

Watch the historic moment of the Apollo 11 lunar landing in MR via HoloLens 2. This experience was developed by Epic Games.

Google AI Real-time cancer detection

Google AI detecting cancer cells in real-time powered by Machine Learning and Augmented Reality.

iCub humanoid Robot

The iCub robot is controlled by a human wearing a VR headset!
Dynamic Interaction Control Lab demonstrated teleoperated walking and manipulation of the iCub humanoid robot.


Watch the incredible accuracy of the SAP, A demo of Automatic License Plate Recognition. The time it takes to recognize each License plate is just mindblowing.

Facebook Full Body Tracking and Avatars for VR

Facebook is currently working towards Full Body Tracking and Avatars for VR. At F8 2019, Facebook showcased a demo of its full body tracking without markers or suits. This was achieved using very minimal hardwar..

Aipoly AI

This company is aiming to create checkout-less convenience stores, smarter distribution centres, and filling stations with the power of Vision AI. Aipoly AI understands human activities in real-time using computer vision and machine learning

Skiing in VR

Now you can learn to Ski in VR using VUE VR‘s Skiing Simulator. This demo was showcased on HTC Vive.

Best Tech News from Week 4

Nike FIT

Nike developed an AR app, Nike FIT powered by Apple’s ARKit to measure the size of your feet within a 2mm accuracy.

T-RHEX Robot

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University developed a robot which can climb walls and run through rough terrain. The T-RHEX robot‘s movement is inspired by cockroaches.

NASA Astrobees Robots

These cube-shaped robots are developed to help Astronauts at ISS. Astrobees are Fan propelled Autonomous Robots.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition has updated specs compared to the last gen, an enterprise standard design and its more intelligent than ever before. The Google Glass 2 is powered by Snapdragon 710 SoC, a 32mp camera which can record at 4K and take pictures, It has LTE support, Bluetooth 5.0, Wifi and all this in a compact form factor.

Ford Self-Driving Vehicle Delivery

Ford is teaming up with Agility Robotics to develop Digit: The Future of Self-Driving Vehicle Delivery. It’s a self-driving car that delivers packages to your doorstep using autonomous humanoid robots.

Best Tech News from Week 5

Self Solving Rubix cube

Don’t let this normal looking Rubix cube trick you, it hides a clever robot inside which can solve itself! Developed by Takashi Kaburagi, Human Controllers.

PAL-V Liberty

Meet PAL-V Liberty, A production-ready flying car. It has 2 engines which make it possible to drive on the road like a car and fly on the sky like a gyrocopter.

Samsung AI Labs Deepfakes

Samsung AI Labs developed a machine learning algorithm that can animate highly realistic facial movements using a single image. The video quality becomes more life like as the reference image increases.

Valve Index VR headset

When Facebook developer conference was happening Valve silently launched its very own VR headset, Valve Index. It offers full VR immersion with its optimised pixel layout and 120hz refresh rate displays. Shipping starts in June!

Blood & Truth | PSVR

Get ready for an explosive action-packed VR experience, Blood & Truth PSVR. Blast your way into London’s lethal melting pot of high-end glamour and gritty underworld crime. Live the life of a secret agent with all the explosive action and drama of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Nreal Light

Nreal Light sunglasses glasses push 1080p projection through both lenses with a 52-degree field of view that makes for some pretty high quality visuals. The Nreal glasses sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 360-degree spatial sound through two speakers, and built-in microphones to enable future voice control and smart assistants. There are other built-in sensors for providing full 3D movement through 3D scenes, known as 6DoF (six degrees of freedom). On the front, there are 2 cameras that are used to perform what’s known as SLAM, or simultaneous localization and mapping, which is the computer vision technique that lets both self-driving cars and other similar AR headsets map a scene and also track objects as they move through it.

AI powered Drone Light Show

A breathtaking light show featuring 500 drones powered by AI was staged in Tianjin to welcome the Opening of the World Intelligence Congress.

All products, gadgets and techs that are discussed in this blog are properly linked above. Make sure to check them out. So this is it, folks, I’ll return next month with even more exciting immersive techs. Until then follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, for more ground-breaking tech leaks! I’m Parzival and I’m signing off!

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