Monthly Tech Bytes – June 2019

Hello everyone, Parzival here! Welcome back to the fourth episode of Immersive Leaks Monthly Tech Bytes. As you guys know, Monthly tech bytes is all about the best tech goodies we found in this month and we are excited to share this months best tech news and dagets with you guys. So without further adieu, let’s move on to the list.

Hummingbird Robot from Purdue University

A bio-inspired hummingbird robot trained by AI which can fly like a bird and hover like an insect

Turbulent Hydro Turbines

This 15kW Whirlpool turbine can produce energy 24/7 to power up to 60 homes per Turbulent Hydro Turbines!

Opener BlackFly

The Opener BlackFly could be your Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) in the near future! It is an all-electric VTOL PAV which is amphibious, safe, energy-efficient, easy to operate with vertical take-off and landing.

Xiaomi’s Under-Display Camera Technology

A sneak peek into the future of Xiaomi’s Under-Display Camera Technology

Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition

Unleash Creativity in True 3D with Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition. It’s a stylus that works with precision in VR on 2D surfaces or in the air

Max AI Recycling Robot

This robot doesn’t get sick, it can work all day with accuracy and efficiency than anyone could ever be! Meet MAX AI, A Neural Network Artificial Intelligence powered Recycling Robot.

Apple ARKit 3

Full Body Motion Tracking with Apple’s ARKit 3. No mocap, no extra sensors all running on an iPhone.

Antilatency Tracking System

Get unlimited freedom in VR with Antilatency’s Multipurpose Tracking System. For just $350 you can play around with the development kit

FedEx Delivery Robot, The SameDay Bot

Meet FedEx Delivery Robot, The SameDay Bot. Using #artificialintelligence and an array of #sensors, the FedEx SameDay Bot is able to navigate smoothly and securely

Espire 1: VR Operative

For the very first you will experience VR within VR, A VR Stealth game from Tripwire Interactive, Espire 1: VR Operative. Espire 1 is coming to #OculusQuest, #PCVR and #PSVR in August

Icon A5

Meet the Icon A5, a high-tech Personal Aircraft that anyone can fly. Icon A5 is a single-engine amphibious sport aircraft designed to be outrageously simple to fly!

Fire Fighting Robot, Colossus

A versatile technical support robot designed to intervene in incident areas. The Fire Fighting Robot, Colossus from Shark Robotics. It can extinguish the fire, transport equipment, conduct reconnaissance, equipped with night vision camera!

Nvidia’s AI tool Edits and Reconstructs Photos

Watch Nvidia’s AI tool edits and reconstructs photos with realistic results! This method can be used in filling holes and missing pixels from corrupted images

Tactical Haptics VR Haptic Controllers

Tactical Haptics developed a Reactive Grip Shear Feedback producing Haptic Controllers bringing Immersive Touch to VR

Zipline Medical Delivery Drone Service

This company is using autonomous drones to transport and delivery Medical Supplies even to hospitals located in remote areas

Promobot, Retail Robot

An autonomous, smart robot for the retail industry, Meet Promobot. It’s an irreplaceable assistant and can also be a shopping buddy for you

All products, gadgets, and techs that are discussed in this blog are properly linked above. Make sure to check them out. So thats it folks, I’ll return next month with even more exciting immersive techs. Until then follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, for more ground-breaking tech leaks! I’m Parzival and I’m signing off!

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