Monthly Tech Bytes – April 2019

Hello everyone, Parzival here! Welcome back to the second episode of Immersive Leaks Monthly Tech Bytes. Monthly tech bytes is all about the best tech goodies we found in this month and we are excited to share this with you guys. So without further adieu, let’s move on to the list.

Best Tech News from Week 1

MIT’s Human-Centered Autonomous Vehicle

MIT’s Human-Centered Autonomous Vehicle is built around a voice-based shared autonomy system that transfers control between the human being and the vehicle. If the driver is distracted from the road, the vehicle automatically takes control.

Zapata Flyboard Air

The Zapata Flyboard Air is a jet-powered personal aerial vehicle. It resembles the hoverboard, Green Goblin uses in Spiderman 1. Green Goblin fans will surely love this!

Pi contactless wireless charger

This futuristic charger can charge up to 4 devices within 1ft range simultaneously. Pi Charging is the world’s first contactless wireless charger.

Complete video of Weekly Tech Bytes, Week 1 of April 2019

Best Tech News from Week 2

Waymo, Self Driving Car Service by Google

The future of self-driving technology is not a future anymore. It’s is present now! Check out Waymo, Google’s fully self-driving car service. Book an autonomous cab like any other cab services from your phone and Waymo is already on its way to pick you up.

Amazon Scout

Welcome Amazon Scout, a fully electric delivery system using autonomous delivery devices. It’s autonomous, safe and it looks cute.

Drywall constructing Robot

This robot can build dry walls on its own without any human insight. It takes a huge amount of time when compared to a human but this shows the potential future of these robots.

Ehang 216, The Flying Taxi

Ehang 216, is a flying taxi developed by China’s drone firm Ehang and Austria’s FACC. It can carry two passengers and fly up to 130 km/h. Expected to cost 200k euros.

Complete video of Weekly Tech Bytes, Week 2 of April 2019

Best Tech News from Week 3

Simulation of a Supermassive Black Hole

Check out the 360° VR simulation of the supermassive Blackhole the world went crazy about.

FaceForensics AI

This AI can detect deepfakes videos. An Intelligent AI is finally developed to defeat deepfakes.

Acer OJO 500 Window Mixed Reality Headset

Acer launched its new Windows Mixed Reality Headset, OJO 500 with 100 degree FOV and overall resolution of 4K. It features an integrated audio system and adjustable interpupillary distance (IPD) that is measured via an Android app.

MetaFly, Ornithopter RC Drone

MetaFly is an absolutely unique biomimetic controllable creature. Forget about drones, it’s time to experience flight like never before. Check out this bug shaped Ornithopter RC Drone.

Vortex Bladeless Windmill

Vortex Bladeless Windmill‘s wind turbines convert wind energy into electrical energy without blades making it eco-friendly and it doesn’t harm birds. It produces energy by oscillating rather than rotating.

Atelier des Lumieres: The Immersive Museum

Atelier des Lumieres is the new Van Gogh exhibit which combines art, music and technology into an immersive experience. This immersive experience was achieved by using light projection and 3d scanning the entire Museum.

Complete video of Weekly Tech Bytes, Week 3 of April 2019

Best Tech News from Week 4

Wings Drone Delivery Service

The future of drone delivery services is finally picking up the pace!
Check out Wings Drone Delivery Service which is owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

Unleash the Avengers AR

Avengers Endgame is finally releasing today!
Check out this AR experience developed by Immersive Indie as a tribute to Avengers. A tribute made by fans for the fans. Download the App and unleash the Avengers yourself! Link to the app is here.

BioCarbon Engineering Drones

BioCarbon Engineering is using drones to plant trees at Myanmar!
That’s an interesting and very useful use case of drones in the agricultural industry.


CUE 2 is a basketball shooting robot made by Toyota. It can’t dribble, let alone slam dunk, but Toyota’s basketball robot hardly ever misses a free throw or a 3-pointer.

Complete video of Weekly Tech Bytes, Week 4 of April 2019

All products, gadgets and techs that are discussed in this blog are properly linked above. Make sure to check them out. So this is it, folks, I’ll return next month with even more exciting immersive techs. Until then follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, for more ground-breaking techs! I’m Parzival and I’m signing off!

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