Facebook reveals about its AR glasses

Facebook reveals render of AR glasses

Facebook makes an entry to AR wearables

Facebook’s tech crew is on full steam to ship futuristic smart glasses that can let you see virtual objects in the real world. Mark Zuckerberg showed off a render of the AR glasses Facebook is working on last year. Now, we finally know a bit more about it.



A  patent application for a “waveguide display with two-dimensional scanner” was published on Thursday by three members from the advanced research division of Facebook’s virtual-reality subsidiary, Oculus.



facebook augmented reality

The smart glasses being developed by Oculus will use a waveguide display to project light onto the wearer’s eyes instead of a more traditional display, according to Thursday’s patent. The smart glasses would be able to display images, video, and work with connected speakers or headphones to play audio when worn.

It also seems like Facebook wants to make them look like ordinary glasses rather than adopt the chunky look of most VR headsets today. That means the company has to find or develop components small and slim enough to fit into them.




The Facebook chief admitted that it could take a while to make that happen, but he believes the next generation will share personal moments like their babies’ first steps through AR or VR for a more immersive experience.

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