Best Tech from CES2020 which you probably would have missed!

Wow! CES2020 was one of the most enthralling events of CES which has finally come to an end. Lately, CES has been all about the Ultra high definition 8K TVs and displays but this year it was a breath of fresh air. Many interesting concepts and products were showcased and we know it’s hard to follow them all. So let us help you navigate through this whirlpool of products and we consciously ignored some of the repetitive products including, 8K TVs. So with that being said, let’s jump straight into the list!

Samsung’s Cute Companion Robot, Ballie

In this year’s CES, many robots decorated the stage but one small cute robot got everyone’s attention unlike any other. It was Samsung’s rolling robot, Ballie.

So if Google assistant or in Samsung’s case, if “Bixby” had a body it would be Ballie. It’s a tiny AI robot that rolls around your home and performs serious of voice-activated tasks. The device uses a mobile interface, on-device AI capabilities, voice activation, and an in-built camera to recognize and respond to its users, and help them with various household tasks.

It responds to spoken demands as a pet might, but can be used as a wakeup call, a fitness assistant, to record moments or to manage other smart devices in the home like TVs and vacuums. It can also keep real pets company when owners are out of the house.

Samsung Ballie Rolling Robot | CES 2020

Samsung Ballie Rolling Robot | CES 2020➖➖#Samsung unveiled Ballie, a rolling robot that is designed as a personal #fitnessassistant. #Ballie uses on-device #AI capabilities, patrols homes and acts as a remote control for #smartdevices.➖➖#immersiveleaks #future #technology #Robotics #ML #personalrobot #CES2020

Posted by Immersive Leaks on Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Pimax 8KX VR Headset

The long-awaited 8K headset which Pimax promised is finally here, and it has all the specs we have been looking for. The twin 4K displays are backed up by a 200-degree field-of-view that’s far more immersive than competitors.

It also has built-in audio jacks to support headsets, compatibility with Steam VR and Oculus platforms, and a refresh rate up to 90Hz.

8K is a drastic bump over competitors like the Valve Index which, for comparison, has two 1,440 x 1,600 screens.

The Oculus Quest has a 90-degree field of view, while the Valve Index has a 130-degree field of view. The Pimax’s 200-degree field of view provides something those headsets lack; a real sense of peripheral vision.

Sony’s VISION-S Electric Concept Car

Who would have thought that Sony will unveil a car at CES, Surprise! Surprise! They did. Sony surprised everyone with a futuristic prototype car called the Vision-S at CES2020, loaded with not 5, not 10, but with 33 sensors located on the interior and exterior for providing driving assistance and monitoring the well-being of the car’s passengers.

Cameras, for example, can alert a driver about a nearby pedestrian even before he or she is visible, the company says. Sony’s spatial audio system will also be installed in each individual seat within the car, and a giant panoramic screen for watching movies and TV will replace the traditional dashboard in the Vision-S.

It has a top speed of 149 mph and can do 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds, and can deliver 2 x 200kW of power. But before you get all hyped up, this car is likely not going to end up in the production stage since it’s a clear marketing strategy to show other car manufacturers what Sony can provide for their cars.

Withings Scanwatch

Withings launched its latest high-end hybrid smartwatch, the ScanWatch. Using a similar design as Withings Steel HR, the ScanWatch has a round watch design with an analog face. In the top center of the face, there is a PMOLED display that will show text messages and notifications, as well as, your heart rate, steps walked, calories burned, and more.

Its biggest new feature is an oxygen saturation sensor, which combined with a dedicated sleep tracker, can help potentially identify if you have symptoms of sleep apnoea and it can take ECG heart readings to check for heart arrhythmias (AFib) on command.

Unlike prior Withings wearables, the ScanWatch can passively scan for heartbeat irregularities, too, thanks to an embedded PPG sensor. If it senses any, the smartwatch will prompt the wearer to take a proper ECG reading.

ScanWatch has a battery life of up to 30 days. It’s also waterproof up to 50 meters. It comes in 38 or 42mm with a black or white watch face. It should be ready for public launch sometime around early fall this year. The 38mm model will cost $249 and the 42mm model will cost $299.

Lenovo Think X1 Fold

When Lenovo first teased its foldable PC back in May it clearly needed a bit more work—even if it showed a lot of promise. Six months later at CES2020, Lenovo is ready to debut the world’s first foldable PC and it’s slick as hell.

Sporting an LG-made 13.3-inch flexible plastic OLED display, the ThinkPad X1 Fold is the first of its kind.

To get the most out of the X1 Fold’s screen, you’ll want to use it in landscape mode, propped up by its built-in folding kickstand, you can simply grab the system’s included Bluetooth keyboard, transforming the X1 Fold into a portable all-in-one of sorts.

But when you want something a bit more compact, you can rotate the X1 Fold, bend it in half, and suddenly, you have a super portable laptop that can switch between Windows 10’s on-screen keyboard, or the X1 Fold’s magnetic keyboard just by placing the BT keyboard on the bottom half of the display.

Lenovo keeps a tight lip when it comes to the processor department but the ThinkPad X1 Fold is expected to ship with Windows 10 Pro in “Mid 2020” at a starting price of $2,499. The Bluetooth Mini Fold Keyboard and Active Pen will be sold separately. A Windows 10X version is expected to arrive by the end of the year.

Samsung GEMS, Personal Fitness Coach

Last year, Samsung unveiled an exoskeleton called Gait Enhancing & Motivating System (GEMS) that could help correct your posture and assist with everyday walking. It was an ambitious concept device that the company has now developed into a personal fitness coach.

During its keynote, Samsung unveiled a pair of augmented reality glasses that appeared to be tethered to a Galaxy smartphone. The wearer could then pick a virtual-workout location and motivational trainer to guide them through some exercises.

The GEMS exoskeleton, tracked the user’s movements as they attempted to complete some reverse-lunge knee-ups. The virtual trainer kept count and occasionally provided feedback like “good” and “keep your balance.” Once the set had been completed, Samsung explained that the wearer could take a deeper look at their performance and identify areas for improvement through a companion mobile app.

Realmax 100 AR/VR Headset

Realmax who attended the CES2020, has announced the launch of their new AR Headset named Realmax 100. The new Headset which can be shifted from AR to VR modes stands out from others on the market with all the new added features.

The Realmax 100 has a much wider 100.8-degree field of view, which provides a completely new and improved experience. The new fully wireless headset which has a magnetic snap-on visor is also compatible with prescription glasses.

It has a stand out improved battery life with the help of the 6000mAH detachable quick charge battery that can support 5-hour use and 100-hour standby.

Sarcos Guardian XO, Full Body Exoskeleton Robot

Sarcos’ suit, called the Guardian XO, is essentially a robot that workers wear. It enables average people to lift up to 200 pounds repeatedly for up to eight hours at a time without strain or fatigue using natural body movements.

For many years, the weight and capacity of batteries have limited the potential for an untethered, all-electric industrial exoskeleton suit, but Sarcos engineers seem to have cracked that nut with novel control and power management techniques.

The Guardian XO is designed for use in industries where lifting and manipulation of heavy materials or awkward objects are required and aren’t easily handled by standard lift equipment. The exoskeletons shown in Edge of Tomorrow or Avatar or even an Iron suit is not far from becoming a reality.

Sarcos Guardian XO | Full-Body Powered Exoskeleton | CES 2020

Sarcos Guardian XO | Full-Body Powered Exoskeleton | CES 2020➖➖The #SarcosGuardianXO full-body powered #exoskeleton is a first-of-its-kind #wearable #robot that sets to transform the way work gets done. It augments operator strength without restricting freedom of movement to boost productivity while dramatically reducing injuries➖➖#immersiveleaks #future #technology #robotics #CES2020

Posted by Immersive Leaks on Saturday, January 11, 2020

Alienware Concept UFO, Handheld Gaming PC

Alienware stole the spotlight for many tech enthusiasts slash gamers at this year’s CES2020 with its Concept UFO handheld PC gaming device. It is powered by one of Intel’s 10th generation Core processors, with an 8″ inch screen, and detachable controllers.

As for the design of the Alienware Concept UFO, it’s all-white with black buttons and illuminated thumbsticks. One of the most interesting elements is that it features detachable controllers, which are very similar to the Joy-Cons used by Nintendo’s Switch. On the rear is a kickstand that allows users to place it on a table and game. You can connect it to an external monitor and game like a gaming console.

It’s still a concept and it is unclear whether Alienware is planning to produce this for the market.

Damon Electric Motorcycle

Damon Motorcycles unveils its flagship product, the Hypersport, the world’s smartest, safest, and most powerful electric motorcycle at CES2020.

The Hypersport is an electric superbike outfitted with Damon’s cutting-edge CoPilot™ advanced warning system powered by BlackBerry QNX technology, Shift™ – Damon’s patented rider ergonomics that lets riders electronically adjust the Hypersport’s riding position while in motion and with embedded 4G connectivity and onboard AI setting a new standard in motorcycle safety, awareness, and connectivity for a new generation of motorcyclists.

The critically acclaimed Hypersport is the most anticipated electric motorcycle of 2020 and has already received a CES2020 “Best in Innovation” award.

The Damon Hypersport redefines what an electric motorcycle is and should be. With well over 200hp and 200nm of torque delivered at zero rpm, a top speed of 200mph and a range of more than 200 highway miles per charge. The Damon Hypersport is slated to become the most powerful long-range motorcycle ever. Pricing begins at $24,995.

There is something unique about CES2020 like I said before this year was not only about HD TVs and displays but it’s also about unique and very interesting concepts from various tech companies. Like Sony unveiling an Electric Car, Samsung’s Age of Experience with AI products, A Superhuman Exoskeleton suit, Hyundai and Uber’s Flying Taxi and weird techs like Alexa enabled showerhead. Seriously? An “AI-powered” Showerhead? Keeping that aside, CES2020 was an amaming event.

The next CES is already planned between January 6th to 9th 2021 and we are eagerly waiting to cover all the futuristic concepts and wild products to you. So until then, It’s Parzival Halliday signing off! Encourage and Enjoy the tech! Adios!

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You have covered some of the most important products that didn’t get noticed 🙂


Wish some of these become real products 😉


This year is all about e vehicles and robotics . Am just wondering if it will impact india ??