All about CES 2019

CES is undoubtedly the world’s largest electronics show in terms of scale and footfall. This year, the expo was flooded with futuristic gadgets and exciting technologies.
The expo attracted 180,000+ attendees, 4500+ companies, 1200+ startups, and all the big tech giants.
Technologists predicted that 5G technology related devices will be getting the limelight but to their dismay, there were hardly any such devices. This year its all about Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, 8k displays, Smart home, wearables, Autonomous vehicles, AI and robots.

Virtual Reality

Who would have thought that Audi and Disney will come together to bring a unique driving experience for their passengers? That was a pleasant surprise. Holoride helped them develop a VR experience which is generated realtime based on the car’s movements. HTC,industry leader in VR headsets, announced two new VR handsets. HTC VIVE Pro Eye and VIVE Cosmos. VIVE Pro Eye comes with dedicated eye tracking and foveated rendering which can improve VR performance by many folds. VIVE Cosmos, which is similar to Oculus Quest, doesn’t need any external trackers devices. HTC also teased that Cosmos can potentially be powered by a smartphone. We are going to have an exclusive coverage for all the HTC updates. Pimax 5k plus is another exciting product whose spec sounds promising with its 200-degree FOV and its crystal clear OLED display.

Smart glasses

When Google launched Google Glasses 6 years back. Even though it didn’t disrupt, it paved a whole new way for the future of smart glasses. Now many upcoming companies are trying to give the world what Google has promised to. Vuzix Blade is an Alexa enabled smart glass which can help with navigation, show calendar, notifications and so on. Focals by North is another promising AR smart glass which can be controlled by a ring with a tiny joystick. Nreal Lights are the best mobile processor powered MR glasses which will cost significantly lower than Hololens and Magicleap retaining most of the features provided by them. NReal has all the potential to make its impact with a price tag around $1000.


Here we are to the wearables section. Wearables make us feel like we are straight out from a Bond movie. Here are some new wearables which really impressed us. We saw a real-time Bluetooth voice translator, a pair of stress-busting wearables, a smart assistant enabled ring with which you can make phone calls and have a 2 way conversation by simply placing your index finger near your ear. It uses bone conduction technology.
We spotted Another smart ring which can record your heartbeat and can be used for biometric security and payments. A headband to sleep peacefully and a chest band to reduce snoring also are some useful inventions.

Smart TV

First off, LG kick-started CES with its worlds first rollable TV. It was so satisfying to see a 4k 65 inch OLED TV roll up bringing a glee to the viewers. The majestic piece also houses a high definition soundbar. Samsung, it launched a humongous 219 inch MicroLED modular TV and a 98 inch 8K TV. Sony also launched a 98 inch 8K television which was a eye candy with vivid colors.


If you think Apple watches are the only smartwatches with ECG, then you are up for a surprise. Withings Move Fitness watch is an analog hybrid smartwatch which has ECG and it costs just $130. Omron Heartguide is an FDA approved smartwatch which has a built-in cuff to check blood pressure. Matrix PowerWatch is a thermoelectric smartwatch which means it can charge from your body heat as well as sun. If you are looking for a fitness smartwatch with equally looks gorgeous then it is the Scallop watch from Kate Spade.


The market is flooded with several models every year but only a few stands out. The Asus ROG Mothership is portrayed as the mother of gaming laptops. Powered by overclocked Intel Core i9 processor and Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080. It has a detachable keyboard. Alienware Area-51m is the world’s first fully upgradable gaming laptop which means you can swap the CPU and GPU when they become obsolete. If you looking for slim and lighter laptops, Asus launched a whopping 97% screen to body ratio laptop by going up a notch by literally pushing the notch above the display.

AI and Robots

Yes, we are finally getting to the interesting part of CES. The launch that was on limelight was Bell’s Nexus, the first hybrid air taxi. You can “Uber” this in the early 2020s. BMW showcased a self-driving motorcycle without any human guidance. It uses artificial intelligence and computer vision for realtime tracking. You can dance or play soccer with the Ubtech’s Walker Robot. Samsung’s Bot care can make video calls, listen to live news and also monitor sleep, blood pressure and heart rate. When you get bored talking to invisible Alexa you can visualize it with the help of Robomodix’s Alena robot. It’s like bringing Alexa to real life.
Instead of a mere prototype, Yandex showcased its fully autonomous driverless car which already completed 1000 autonomous rides.

At CES you find the most advanced devices that make life easier and also the weirdest stuff with not much purpose. We also got to taste the “Impossible Burger” which is not a technology breakthrough but does have a future towards a solid vegan replacement for meat lovers. But this is what makes CES fun and unique thereby attracting high footfalls and revisiting visitors every single year. The next CES is scheduled for Jan 7th, 2010 at Las Vegas, if you can’t be there just don’t worry we are here to bring all those great news to you. Until then I’m Parzival signing off. Good luck and work hard.

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Great post, Thank you for share.