About Us

About ImmersiveLeaks
ImmersiveLeaks is a technology media platform, dedicated to immersive technologies , smart gadgets and all other things that are shaping up the future today. We are proud to be working on AR, VR and MR and we take it as our responsibility to spread the message , educate brands, train and tutor students about the game changing technologies.
We are currently building a exhaustive network of technology experts, who are pioneers in their tech field, to form a Centre Of Excellence. We are also excited about our on-going measure to bring immersive tech start-up companies, people and investors together.
As a platform we are planning to organise tech meetups, geek clubs and events online worldwide, serving as community platforms for industry conversation and collaboration. We are very excited to be part of knowledge sharing modules that will fuel the future tomorrow.

To AR/VR/MR companies out there:
If you think you are working on something cool and innovative, feel free to write to us and we will cover a complete article on your work and do our part in spreading the message to the world.

email: [email protected]

Godspeed !